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About Us

Arnhem Allied Health Centre is a one-stop health hub, gym and rehabilitation provider offering the following services:

Our health care clinic and rehab centre is available to local and visiting health practitioners. Providing everything they need to deliver their business in a state-of-the-art health centre, with 8 fully equipped consultation rooms and rehabilitation exercise studio with no long term rental fees or overheads.

The East Arnhem Region has unique characteristics associated with access to essential health services, and understanding that geographical limitations and a lack of essential services are compounding health issues in the region.

Improved access to essential allied health services will enhance health outcomes for the people of the East Arnhem region. Our strategy is to work cooperatively with all stakeholders to support the provision of essential health services long term.

Seeking to understand each patient’s individual health goals working together to create successful clinical outcomes long term. We understand that access to appropriate multidisciplinary health care is a key to a successful clinical outcome.

Understanding that low to moderate exercise is foundational to the complete health management of people with lifestyle risk factors or with stable, long term health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and bone or joint problems in the prevention of chronic disease.

We’re passionate about delivering a consistent high quality service that benefits patients and the local community.

Our Vision

To bring happiness, vitality and success to each other and every person in our local and wider community.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional patient care and cater to the needs for medical and allied health services in our wider community. To have a measurable impact on health outcomes through evidence based clinical methods.

To develop and apply our range of services tailored to community health needs and to provide high quality clinical services that can be fairly accessed by all people who would improve with medical and Allied Health care.

To educate our patients and diversify our services with a view to preventative treatments and healthy lifestyles.

To partner towards seeing better health outcomes in Arnhem Land and build a reputation for developing strong partnerships with all health providers.

To add value to the quality of life of each person in our community in every action and every patient interaction.

Our Values

Love, fairness, compassion, empathy, faith and joyfulness.

We have a deep love for our town and community behind our practice, and we express it in our daily actions.

We believe in fairness and equity in delivering access to essential health services in our wider community. Our passion for customer service, empathy and compassion for all patients is paramount, as is achieving quality outcomes by always providing the best clinical care and support.

We want our patients to be active participants in their health care journey and we include them in decision-making, keep them up-to-date with accurate information, and fully informed of risks and likely outcomes. We seek to provide more choice and variety with our treatments and programs and to provide greater access to health information providing a highly personalised service.

We strive to provide a patient-centred approach to assessment and treatment and preventative healthcare through consulting, informing, educating and guiding patients towards their health goals.

We seek to make a meaningful difference in the health and well-being of our patients and community, actively engaged as leaders and activists for community health. We exist to bring happiness, vitality and success to every person in our community.


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