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Northern Territory Primary Health Network Relocation Grant Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The vacancy needs to be registered with NT PHN, and identified as an eligible position.
  2. The NT PHN need to be involved in the recruitment process, before a contract of employment is offered to the candidate:
  3. The candidate needs to register with the NT PHN and complete our candidate credentialing process.
  4. We will confirm if the candidate is eligible for the grant.
  5. We will provide the employer and candidate with information about the eligible grants.
  6. The employer will need to offer the candidate a contract of employment with a minimum 12 months, with a minimum of 0.4 FTE.
  7. The candidate will need to complete the grant application form and enter into a grant agreement with the NT PHN for grant funding, known as a retention support package of funding over a maximum of 2 years.

Roles and Responsibilities for the Candidate

The candidate will:

  • Complete an application form, providing personal and professional information.
  • Provide details of two professional referees from recent practice or training.
  • Confirm, where required, necessary registration and insurance details.
  • Take up a position and enter into an employment contract with the employer with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • Repay the value of retention support provided should they leave the programme within 12 months of commencement of work.
  • Complete and return evaluation forms including commencement and exit surveys.

* It is suggested that candidate also contacts the Nursing and Allied Health Recruitment and Support team at the NT PHN and registers their expression of interest for the position. Email: alliedhealth@ntphn.org.au

Roles and Responsibilities for the Employer

The employer will:

  • Advise the funded entity or its contracted delegate of position requirements for the employment arrangement and complete an employer profile.
  • Agree to advise the funded entity of any changes to the employment arrangement and/or the candidate once the position is filled.
  • Work in a timely manner with the funded entity or its contracted delegate and candidate.
  • Agree to assist the candidate with retention supports offered via the programme, such as access to CPD.
  • Enter into an employment contract with the candidate with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • Provide a copy of the employment contract to the funded entity or its contracted delegate that includes details of the package offered.
  • Complete and return evaluation forms.


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